10 Life Lessons from the Donut King

Yesterday the President of Krispy Kreme donuts, Jim Morgan, came and spoke at our weekly chapel. Usually, we bring in pastors or professors and we receive solid, if not excellent bible messages with great exposition. Jim Morgan was a bit different and as a result, was a bit of fresh air. His message was touching, impactful, relatable and understandable.  For his full message, go to here. For now, here are the 10 life lessons from the CEO of donut fans worldwide.

10 Keys to get through Life

1. Do not pursue fame, glory or financial riches.

Pursue your true passion or gift from God. In the end you will either achieve the fame and riches you did not seek, or it will not matter

2. Do not get confused by the true definition of success.

It is measured by who you are, not what you do.

3. View any unexpected ends as a new and exciting beginning.

It is not a dead end in your life. It can be time where you grow the closest to God and where your true pilgrimage begins.

4. Be willing to take some risks, even if you fail or fall short every once in awhile.

Don’t a listless life.

5. Use the wisdom of hindsight as a tool for learning, but never use it as tool to judge.

And don’t judge yourself, saying “what could have been, what should have been, what might have been”

6. Treat yourselves like you treat your own best friend.

How quick we are to run to a best friend’s side when they mess up and how slow are we to do that to ourselves?

7. Recognize that we cannot always control our circumstances but we can always control our attitudes.

There are two old men in a nursing home. One says, “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.” The other said,” I feel like a new born baby. I don’t have any hair. I don’t have any teeth and I’m pretty dog-gone sure I wet my pants!” Attitude! One was sick and tired, while the other felt like he was having a new beginning.

8. Learn to pursue an inner joy that is permanent, rather than a momentary happiness which is fleeting.

9. Never, ever, ever, ever move forward at the expense of faith, family and friends.

They come before your career. Particularly your faith and your family.

10. Do all that you can within his will and his glory.


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