Shoes, Screens and Souls

Recently, I had two events that brought up a troubling question to mind. It struck me hard then and it still does as I continue to chew over the thought. I can’t seem to swallow it, nor shake it.

First, my mom recently bought me some new loafers, so that I could put away my boots, never to wear them again. Right after purchasing them, she instructed me to first spray them with an anti-liquid spray, to protect it from rain. On the bottle itself, I was told to make sure that the shoes were clean and free from dusk. Hold the shoes 6in away from the can. Spray in a back and forth manner. Coat generously. Then, allow to dry for 24 hours before wearing. In the process of spraying the shoes, I accidentally drop it on my garage floor. I gasped, quickly picked it up and immediately started wiping the dust and dirt off in the hopes that I had not ruined my new, beautiful leather loafers!!

Secondly, my brothers got me an iPhone for my birthday. Now that I’m almost done with seminary, having a smartphone is very helpful. Like a few of my friends said, once I’ve used a smartphone, I’m not sure how I got along without one! Its quite amazing. I get to pay an extra $15 for the data plan (sarcasm). I’m able to check my Google calendar wherever I go (very helpful!). I am able to take pictures of pages in books and commentaries and then store it via Dropbox, so I can view it on my phone or later at home on my monitor. This way, I don’t need to check out the commentary from the library, or lug books home for the holidays. I can access the internet in seconds, as opposed to waiting for my computer to load up for 5-10 minutes (this is if I’m turning it on, not waking it up from hibernation). I’m able to take pictures in this one device, as opposed to having to carry around a point and shoot camera with my phone (what a hassle).I have a bible wherever I go. I have a flashcard app which I use to study my Greek vocab. AND, the one thing that continues to amaze me, is the screen. No matter how many times I touch it, the smudges come off by simply wiping it with the nearest fabric. Everytime. Clean! So, if you see me rubbing my phone against my stomach or legs, now you know why!  I’m taking care of my phone!

The troubling question that came to my mind then is this: Why do I take such good care of certain material goods, but fail to give such attention to the care of my soul? 

I took the time to spray my loafers to make them water-resistant. Why do I not spend time in God’s word to make my soul more “sin” resistant?

I daily spend time cleaning the screen of my iPhone. Why do I not daily spend time in genuine prayer in order to fix my focus on Christ?

Why do I care more about my things that won’t last than about things that will last?

We cannot say that we love God if it isn’t fleshed out. If I said that I loved my family and yet, refused to talk with them and refused to visit, then I would be called a liar. I (and you, if it so pertains), need to be more concerned about my relationship with God. It doesn’t mean that I should neglect my phone or give it away (though, I know some of you would be willing to help me if needed!). It does mean that I need to put my money where my mouth is, in a manner of speaking.

Our words speak to our intentions. Our actions speak to our reality. We need our realities to match our words.

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