I was looking for a spot in the Walmart parking lot today when I saw a police car coming toward me. As I get closer, the police car starts to swerve before straighting out and as I got closer, I see that policewoman had her cell phone to her ear, talking to someone. My initial thought was, “that’s ironic that even the police, who are suppose to be models of the law and of being safe, can engage in unsafe things.” Granted, talking on a cell phone isn’t illegal in PA and I myself have done it, but I just find it ironic that a police officer would be doing that.

It made me think of how that is similar to us as Christians. Do we do things that cause people who aren’t Christians pause and think,” huh, that’s ironic!”? It probably doesn’t have to be an illegal activity, just something that goes against the stereotype or the expectations placed upon Christians. Could it be drinking? Maybe going partying? Maybe its gaming or having nice cars (cuz Christians are suppose to give all their money to the poor and live like the poor?), etc…
I don’t know if there’s a definite application or moral to apply, but it was just something that I was considering today.

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