Greek practice

so I’ve been doing a bit of studying for my final greek exam and i thought people might like to get a small taste of what I’ve been studying. So here are a bunch of greek words in both greek and english…. see if you can guess what they mean!

  1. αγγελος -angelos
  2. ανθρωπος- anthropos
  3. αποστολος-apostolos
  4. ζωη-zoe
  5. θεος-theos
  6. κοσμος-kosmos
  7. λογος-logos
  8. αδελφος-adelphos
  9. μητηρ-mehter
  10. πατηρ-pahter
  11. δαιμονιον-daimonion
  12. χρονος-chronos
  13. μεγας-megas
  14. πολις-polis
  15. νεκρος-nekros

and the bonus…..

αμαρτια= hamartia

1. angels 2. man 3. apostles 4. life 5. God 6. world 7. word 8. brother 9. mother 10. father 11. demon 12. time 13. large, great (from where we get the prefix mega) 14. city (metropolis= mother city) 15. dead, dead body (necrophobia = fear of death) Bonus= sin (hamartiology is the study of sin)

If you got that bonus one, give yourself a big pat on the back. You’re pretty good if you knew that one.

On a less serious note:
Did you know that αμαρτια, the word for sin, is a feminine word? Reminds me of that mathematical proof we use to joke about back in the day…

Looks like we have some biblical proof to that now, don’t we?

*For a more detailed explanation, the word for sin actually is feminine, but it doesn’t mean that sin is just for women. To be fair, the word for sinner αμαρτωλος is masculine. So gender in greek doesn’t always apply to man and women gender (although it can with pronouns).


2 thoughts on “Greek practice

  1. Daniel says:

    I thought that 'logos' meant logic…IIRC, the Latin word for sin, 'pecco', is a masculine word 😦

  2. Simon says:

    i got the bonus woohoo and 5, 6, 7. aren't there other words that are translated as sin too?

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