This is the Day!

So yesterday, to start my OT bible survey class, we sang “This is the Day” … and then we sang it in hebrew, and THEN in arabic! haha, that was pretty awesome.

Then in class we were talking about the ancient scribes and how they didn’t put vowels in the Hebrew text. The example our professor gave was this: (t’s nt s hrd t rd f y knw th lngg. Y cn rd ths wtht mch trbl, rght? N prbml!).

Then, one of the older students in the class asked, “So that was like texting then?” haha

The classes here are great. Thursday, I had class from 8-10:30, then chapel from 10:40-12ish, class from 1:25-4:05 and then class from 4:15-5:30. Normally, if that was my class schedule at Penn State, I think I would fall asleep or find it hard to concentrate, but here, I had no problems staying awake, focusing or paying attention. Everything was so interesting, its hard to not pay attention.

I think I’m going to have a love-hate relationship with this seminary. I’m going to love the classes and the books that I’ll get to read and the talks that I’ll have with the professors…. but then I’m going to hate the amount of reading that I’ll have to do, and the number and lengths of papers that I’ll have to write.

All in all, I think I’ll love it here…. good times


One thought on “This is the Day!

  1. Jessica Jean says:

    hebrew and arabic! so cool!

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