Realizing a long time dream

Back at PSU, I’d always thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if we could start class with prayer?” I mean, I know it was a secular institution, but as part of the body of Christ, bringing everything before God in prayer at the beginning of anything and everything felt natural and needed. Except you can’t do that at a secular school… but then I got to CIU.

At CIU, not only did we start our very first class with prayer (YES!), but we also worshipped in the beginning by singing the old school song, “Knowing You!”

I think that was the highlight of my day. Then we started classes and everything went down hill, haha.

Some quick notes:
-I love the professors here. I remember thinking at orientation when the professors where introducing themselves and talking about themselves,” Man, I think I had that guy as my advisor!” And then the next professor would stand up and start talking and I’d think,”No wait, I want this guy as my advisor now!” And then I got a chance to meet my advisor personally afterwards to talk about my classes and before coming to CIU, I wasn’t too sure about him. All I had to base my impression was his picture online and he looked elderly. But after meeting with him, I’m really glad that he’s my advisor. He’s really nice and knows a lot and is godly and etc. Honestly, if i could split myself up and each individual “me” could take one of the professors as my advisor, that would be awesome!

-It was pretty cool to hear that many of the professors still know or remember my pastors from Calvary, like Johnny Miller, Brad Mullen, Beau Eckert Greg Despres, etc.

-My greek teacher reminds me of Bo Miller’s father in the way that he speaks, acts and etc. That should be fun class!


2 thoughts on “Realizing a long time dream

  1. Jessica Jean says:

    i like that song. great lyrics.

  2. Jessica Jean says:

    by the way, u should make titles to all your entries. then its easier for me to see that i've already read something.

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