I just want to praise God!

So last night, I was catching up with a friend who had just came back from a missions trip abroad, and it was getting to be around midnight (when I usually go to bed). I had a deep question that I had wanted to ask her for awhile, so I decided to go ask it. I was expecting a 10 min answer/convo from that, but i think we went till 12:45 or so, haha. So the whole time I’m torn and thinking, ” I really need to sleep, cuz the last few nights I’ve gone to bed at 12 and I’m dead in the morning… buuuut, I really want to hear this and what we’re talking about is really encouraging!” So I asked God, “I know I’ve been really tired in the morning before, but I think this is really worth it to listen to. Please help me tomorrow morning!”
So today, I sat up at 6 am (for no reason) and said, I feel awake already! haha, Praise the Lord! Of course, I was able to stay in bed till 7, but I was able to eat breakfast, catch up on emails, spend some time in God’s word, send out a book to a friend at the post office all by 8:30 (worktime)… and all while feeling pretty alive.
Praise the Lord!

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